Gallery tour
Nixvue’s Vista is a portable gallery for digital images, capable of storing a considerable amount of data while also usable for slide shows. The color LCD display means that viewing can be enjoyed without attaching the unit to a TV or DVD player. 5 GB model available for CZK 15,000, 30 GB for CZK 21,800.

Burn marks included
Apple’s latest notebook, the Titanium Powerbook G4, operates at blistering speeds (up to 800 MHz) while maintaining a typically stylish Mac exterior design. Heavy digital and music files become infinitely more manageable, and the attached DVD/CD-RW drive allows for easy burning of CDs and editing of movies. Available for 99,000 CZK.
Fluent in Java
Nokia’s freshest batch of mobile phones feature a range of applications (games, filing tools, etc) downloadable via Java. The 7210 is the urban cool variation, featuring MMS (Multimedia messaging), GPRS, hi-res color display and polyphonic ring tones. Price yet to be determined.
Strap it on
Portable computing takes a step further in the direction of casual comfort with Fossil’s new Wrist PDA/PC. Featuring 190 KB of memory and an 8-bit processor, it’s a convenient way to stay organized (and to not lose your PDA by leaving it behind in a meeting room). Available at, it retails for CZK 4,830.
Remotely presentable
Atek’s Tote-remote is a wireless way to conduct presentations via computer. With a range of up to nine meters, it utilizes radio waves to eliminate the line-of-sight needed for infrared remote control. For use with Power Point or Word, it’s compatible with most PC and Mac operating systems. CZK 2,700.






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