The best of Oslo

Since its founding in the eleventh century, the oldest of the Scandinavian capitals has grown into a major European trading center. In addition, the spectacular setting at the head of a 110-km fjord, nightlife along the quay and medieval buildings make it a tourist’s dream come true.

Božena Houžvíková
Station manager, Norwegian Trade Council
Favorite hotel: Frogner House Hotel, Skovveien 8, tel: + 47-2256 0056
Favorite restaurant: Theater Café, Stortingsgaten 24-26, tel: +47-2282 3050
Carl Johanns gata, Holmenkollen Restaurant, Kongeveien
Favorite attraction: Vigeland Park, Holmenkollen
Best-kept secret: Café Felix, Drammensveien 30, tel: +47-2244 2650
Favorite shop: Magasinet, Kirkev. 114, tel: +47-2246 3034
Advice: The food in Norway is expensive but delicious. Try more than just salmon, which one can normally get back home. Also try Norwegian strawberries!
Ing. Zdena Stejskalová
Representative, Pragonor
Favorite hotel: Rica Victoria, Rosenkrantzgtaten 13, P.O. 1718 – Vika, tel: + 47-2414 7000 – Close to the town hall, near the fjord.
Favorite restaurant: Holmenkollen Restaurant, Holmenkollenveien , tel: +47-2213 9200
Beautiful view over the whole city and fjord; fresh seafood and other delicacies either to choose from Swedish tables or a la carte.
Favorite night club: Night club in hotel Bristol in the center, Kristian IV gate, tel: +47-2282 6000
Favorite shops: Bookstore Tanum on Karl Johans gate 37, tel: +47-2241 1100 – A huge shop with shelves to the ceiling. You can spend a whole day pleasantly here.
Favorite attraction: boat trip to the fjord in one of the many quiet lagoons
Best-kept secret: Sir Winston Pub & Pianobar, Karl Johans gate, tel: + 47-2241 1441
A bar near town hall furnished in original English style with many beautiful antique things. Large selection of different beers from around the world.
Advice: In the morning go to the harbor next to town hall, buy a bag of freshly boiled shrimp from the fishermen. If you really want to enjoy Oslo, go at the end of June for the Midsummer festivities.
Ing. Martin Link
Sales representative, Isola Powertekk
Favorite hotel: SAS Radisson Plaza Hotel, Sonja Henies Plass 3, tel: +47-2217 1000
Favorite restaurant: Holmenkollen, Holmenkollenveien 119, tel: +47-2213 9200
Favorite attraction: A trip on a historic Viking boat around the fjord.
Best-kept secret: Make sure to see panoramic cinema in the Maritime museum in Oslo. – Norwegian Maritime Museum, Bygdoynesvn. 37, tel: +47-2411 4150
Favorite shop: Shopping center Aker Brygge. Originally it used to be a harbor, today it’s home to boutiques and cafés.
Advice: Norway is quite expensive; take a lot of money.
Pavel Vejmola
Administration manager, Vitana
Favorite hotel: Holmekollen Park Hotel, Holmenkollen, Kongeveien 26, tel: + 47-22-92 20 00, hotel with a view of the city. The old part of the hotel is very interesting
Favorite restaurant: Bagatelle, ulice Bygday allé 3, Frogner, tel: +47-2212 1440
Favorite night club: Smuget, Rosenkrantzgate 22, tel: +47-2242 5262
Favorite shops: Aker Brygge center; reconstruction of former docks
Favorite attraction: Summer walk in Frogner park, Bygdoy peninsula with the Kon-Ti-Ki raft, Framem ship and Vikings’ boats.
Best-kept secret: The geografic center of Oslo lies in the middle of forests called Nordmark. It’s nice to take the metro to Holmnekollenganen to the last station, walk throught the forest and visit local restaurants (no alcohol offered).
Advice: During nice weather sit by the docks in Aker Brygge, have a beer and watch the sea and summer life in Oslo.
Basic factsPopulation: 450,000
Ethnic mix: Predominantly Nordic.
Religion: 86% Evangelical Lutheran, 3% other Protestant and Roman Catholic, 11% other/unknown.
Time zone: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October).
Electricity: 230 volts AC, 50 Hz; two-round-pin plugs are standard.
Average January temp: – 4.3° C (24.3° F).
Average July temp: 16.4° C (61.5° F).
Annual rainfall: 1,045 mm (41 inches).

Where on the web?
For further information, we suggest the following websites dedicated to Oslo: – a click and pull-down page of links to all sorts of information about the city – good first destination for anyone wanting to book a hotel – Black Bush whiskey sponsors this site that rates the city’s best bars – more hotels, discounts and travel tips for the executive class – a loosely-designed site that bills itself as the “budget traveller’s guide” – portal-type site that is invaluable as a booking resource from flights to rental cars – everything you need to know about getting around the city, in the form of an interactive map.


one-liter bottle of mineral water: NOK 8
33-cl bottle of beer: NOK 14
Financial Times newspaper: NOK 19
36-exposure color film: NOK 60
city-center bus ticket: NOK 20
adult football ticket: NOK 210-410
three-course meal with wine/beer: from NOK 250

NOK 1= GBP 0.083; USD 0.122; EUR 0.132; CZK 4.06
(currency conversion rates as of press time)



Business tips

There are few large companies in Oslo; only about 5% have 100 employees or more (the state owns in whole or part major companies). One of the main players is Siemens, along with the telecom giant Telenor, which was involved in the specification standards for the first GSM test system. As befits the country that developed the original prototype of the mobile phone, there is a superb technological infrastructure with some 80% of employees having access to a computer – a significantly higher figure than elsewhere in Europe and even the USA.

Dress conservatively in a smart business suit and shake hands with everyone present on arrival and departure. Appointments should be made well in advance and adhered to. After the exchange of business cards and formalities, it is straight down to business. Expensive gifts should be avoided; small items bearing the company logo would be suitable and bringing in the duty-free alcohol allowance will be well appreciated.







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