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Not surprisingly, computer sales are one of the most dynamic of local retail markets. Like many other products, you can now buy computers over the internet, and we have reviewed several Czech web sites that offer on-line sales and/or service.

This firm is one of the largest suppliers of information and communications technology in the Czech Republic, which is evident when you look at its on-line shop. The introductory pages explain in a well laid-out manner how to find your way around the site and proceed when making purchases. You can also conveniently search through the store’s vast selection for particular products.
Autocont’s internet shop gives you several meaningful advantages, such as discounts for online purchases, the possibility of configuring your own system or to select from several different payment methods.

Users can look through the product catalog and price list and read the business conditions and information relating to the delivery of the goods, protection of personal data, etc. You may search for products by category or name, and users must register before making a purchase. Then you simply place the product in your basket and send the order to the manufacturer, who offers you the option of tracking the goods online. After switching to the Deutsche Post Web site, which ships the goods, you enter your package’s bar code, and the system soon tells you where your computer is at that moment.

No registration is necessary here before learning about the shop and its purchase conditions – just select “unregistered” on the introductory page, and all the doors to online shopping info are opened to you. You find a product based on various criteria, place it in your basket, and send your order. That simple. There are also payment options: either by sending cash to the manufacturer or supplier, or electronically if you have an account with eBanka.

If you are fond of the Mac platform, then this internet shop is for you. It’s nicely organized with quite a wide range of search possibilities for products under different criteria. As with many other sites, after registering you can shop. You can also have a very detailed preview of your shopping. You can check the status of your order or supply, as well as claims and debts.

The world’s biggest online computer dealer also has a Czech branch. Although the systems have a standard configuration, you can still modify them according to your needs. As Dell produces almost all of their computers after the order is placed, visitors can also check in which stage of production their computer is.

Via its partners, the web site offers you a chance to test yourself to see what kind of an investor you would be. After you register you get a virtual CZK 10 million in your account and you can start to play. You can always track where you are in the standings, who is in first place, etc. You will also find links with useful information to help you join the elite and win valuable prizes.
This is a more than praiseworthy project, devoted to the issue of physically and psychologically challenged children. It should serve as an information and counselling center for parents and specialists in the field. Consulting on the site’s specialized content is a panel of physicians, attorneys, and rehabilitation specialists.
Who wants a mailbox stuffed with money transfer orders or endless post office lines, all with the looming danger that the woman behind the counter is in a bad mood? The site is an information center that presents a new e-business service, e-billing. Among other things, the system allows bill payments over the net, thus avoiding typical distasteful esperiences.
This is an on-line used car database. You can look over the car of your choice and reserve it online. As you will read on this site, all of the cars have been thoroughly inspected, and the results are recorded in the car’s inspection certificate; all serious defects have been repaired; this is why the operators chose to name the site Vyzkouseno (Tested).

word of the month:
FTP (file transfer protocol)
– A common method of moving files between two internet sites by logging to another site for the purposes of retrieving and/or sending files. There are many sites that have publicly accessible repositories of material that can be obtained using FTP, by logging in using the account name “anonymous”, thus these sites are called “anonymous ftp servers”. FTP was invented and in wide use long before the advent of the World Wide Web and was originally a text-only interface.






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