Rough and tumble
Panasonic’s latest Toughbook notebook, the CF-28 (with rubber sealing and power lock), is designed to weather all manner of calamity while still delivering the goods. Included is a touchscreen, Pentium III processor, and 128 MB of RAM. CZK 219,000.

Pocket video
Despite appearances, it’s not a mobile phone. The PoGo! Products Flipster is a portable video viewer, capable of storing 128 MB worth of footage which can be watched on its 6 cm screen. Supports WMV and ASF formats, data transferable via USB. Available at, suggested retail CZK 14,560.
Super fine
Fuji’s FinePix F601 is a pretty little digital multi-media toy fitted with 3x optical zoom. Maximum quality image file size is six megapixels, while a docking cradle acts as both battery charger and USB station useful for PC-Cam videoconferencing. CZK 26,990.






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