June 2002

“During my political career I insulted everyone I wanted to insult. The only ones I did not insult were Monika Pajerová, Jiří Lobkowitz, Petr Cibulka and other weeds of the Czech political scene, because they were not worth the effort.”
– Prime Minister Miloš Zeman stated a few days before the elections.

“The Christian-Democratic party survived the First Czechoslovak Republic, Hitler and the bolsheviks, so it will survive other situations as well.”
– Jan Kasal, vice chairman of KDU-ČSL, answering the question whether the Coalition could survive if it did not participate in the government.

“My 80-year-old mother told me last Sunday: “This time you wrote it very well; even I could understand it.”
– said Václav Klaus, chairman of ODS, about the brochure that he used during his electoral campaign.

“I will vote for ODS. ČSSD disappointed me – they are arresting sportsmen. I did not like what they did to Šrejbr at all.”
– Football player Ladislav Vízek, in reply to the poll question regarding the upcoming elections.






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