Knights in armor – 08.06.2002
The French company Sopexa celebrated the increase of consumption of Beaujolais in the Czech Republic by dubbing four Czech personalities Knights of Beaujolais. During the ritual, the knights had to swear on oath and drink wine in one shot – certainly was not a problem for them, nor for the rest of the guests.

Knights in line: (from left to right) Iva Janžurová, Vladimír Železný, director of TV Nova, Hynek Vich, specialist on French wines, and Alexander Lochman, director of Bacchus company.

Hynek Vich being dubbed Knight of Beaujolais by one of the members.

Actress Iva Janžurová submits to ritual wine drinking before being dubbed.

Hats off – 06.06.2002
Like olden days – that’s how it looked during the Hat Garden Party organized by Altisa international network in Bohemia Regia gardens in Prague 4. A pity that the weather wasn’t favorable; the organizers were not prepared for the “wet option”, and had to improvize much of the activities.

Joseph Hayes, Irish ambassador and patron of the event with Eva Zámostná (middle), director of Bohemia Regia gardens, and Jana Outratová, director of Altisa

Joseph Hayes, this time in a lively conversation with Patrizia Stack, the wife of Jack Stack, CEO of Česká spořitelna






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