Vacation time!

The calendar and the weather are both telling us that it’s summer, and time for a well-deserved rest after a year-long grind. Why should you visit travel agencies to arrange a suitable excursion when you can do practically the same thing from your home or office?

The e-holiday club associates 50 travel agencies, to whose sites you will find links for here. If you select a trip, fill in the form with information and send it to the e-holiday center. This system is somewhat complicated, because you don’t enter the required criteria that would be sent directly on to the order form at the beginning. First you have to find your trip and then enter its parameters in the form. However, there is also a second option – sending the form with specific requirements to the center, which will find your trip for you. Besides typical single destinations or tour packages, this site also features sports excursions.

This site, which covers several travel agencies, offers a broad spectrum of trips, both simple destinations or for sports. Searching is carried out either through a catalog method according to country, region, or type of trip, or by entering the criteria step by step. But you will also find other interesting, useful services, such as links to weather information for Europe or to “travel advice”. These links connect to such sites as the Czech foreign affairs ministry, where users can read the conditions for travel to various countries, or find a list of all Czech offices abroad.

You can find your trip here, assisted by simple or expanded searching. After you enter the required criteria, the system generates an offer, and when you click on the date you want, you will see the specific type of trip with detailed characteristics and a photo of the locality or lodging facility. It this suits you, add information on the number of persons, then the system tallies the exact price, and you can finalize your reservation.

Crammed with information and services, this is an authorized vendor for several dozen travel agencies. Searches can be done either by entering individual criteria into the form or directly, according to the type of trip – i.e., whether you want to stay in one place or tour a region, main activities, etc. Users can also link to sites with weather information, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

This agency is also under contract as a sales representative for several agencies. Basic searching is very convenient, step-by-step. First you enter just the type of trip and the country, and then you add other criteria. Also available is enhanced quick searching, which you can use in the event that the most important thing to you is the least expensive hotel by the ocean, or getting a discount for your children.

Fans of the Formula 1 world can registering and become a “member” of your favorite team, or establish your own team and join in the competition. But if you don’t order a free internet connection from Tiscali, you won’t be eligible for any prizes.

This is a new shop with music, video media and equipment – as well as a good layout. Searching requires several criteria, and the e-shop is fully functional even if you don’t register. However, registration is required if you want to send in an order.
A catalog for finding online shops, laid out according to fields of activity. It also features ratings of the five most often visited and the five best shops (according to visitor votes). If you operate a shop, you can get it included in the catalog.
Another virtual shop, focusing mainly on posters, postcards, and key chains. For example, you can buy a Harry Potter poster, or a Winnie the Pooh keychain for your children. You can also send an erotic postcard to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

word of the month:
– A cache (pronounced “cash”) is a place to store something temporarily. The files you automatically request by looking at a web page are stored on your hard disk in a cache subdirectory under the directory for your browser (for example, Internet Explorer). When you return to a page you’ve recently looked at, the browser can get it from the cache rather than the original server, saving you time and the network the burden of some additional traffic. You can usually vary the size of your cache, depending on your particular browser. Computers include caches at several levels of operation (i.e., cache memory and a disk cache).






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