Courtyard revisited

“We are in the center, three minutes from Wenceslas Square, yet it’s still quiet,” says Renáta Kodadová, lawyer and marketing manager for Skanska Property. The majority of office space in the building, designed by architectural studio Loxia, is located in the recently-built modern section, situated next to the reconstructed, historical portion of Bredovský Courtyard.

Straight, right-angled lines are everywhere but the resulting feel is not a cold one. The Savoy chairs are by Suma Interier..

The Vilagrasa coat rack in the reception area is from a Spanish firm in Barcelona.

The atypical reception desk is customized, while most of the other furniture in the offices is made by Kinnarps. The unobtrusive offices are revitalized and lightened by vibrantly-colored paintings. Those located in the reception area are by Milena Dobšíková; most of the others are by Jan Říha.

The dominating element of the modern section is a glass hall, with a reception and a couple of elevators on each side. It evokes a clean and serious impression, yet avoids being dull.

The old and new buildings are linked – their elements compliment each other harmoniously.






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