September 2002

“If people working in factories or feeding cows don’t mind getting up at that hour, politicians shouldn’t mind either.”
– Prime Minister Vladimír Špidla’s comment on the fact that Government sessions start at six in the morning.

“There is no doubt about my designation…well actually,I don’t know.”
– Czech TV director Jiří Balvín during an interview on BBC.

“This is a very clever kid. I would even take her to school camp.”
– ODS vice-chairman Ivan Langer, referring to 21-year-old KSČM MP Kateřina Konečná, whose first parliamentary speech resulted in a tide of mockery and laughing.

“Vice-chairman Němcová was the shadow-minister of culture, but there is nothing of her left behind. Just a perfume, an airy whiff of perfume.”
– Minister of Culture Pavel Dostál, commenting on the activity of ODS MP Miroslava Němcová.

“I think this is a return to the traditions of Czech parliamentarism.”
– Following his election as vice-chairman of the Czech Parliament, communist MP Vojtěch Filip responded to the question what his election means for the KSČM.






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