Chasing blondes

Philippe Riboton

WITH THE FLOODS only a few (nautical) miles behind us, headlines and major media are raising a few essential questions, which we (the public) should supposedly try to learn something from. Shall we trust a politician less after he’s rumored to have found a second youth with a shiny blonde? If the rumors are founded, some observers might say that we have learned several things from this: one, that he’s at least (or at last) human. Two, that he has good taste (which can not be said of his choice of ties). And three, that it might not be a bad idea to keep him occupied elsewhere during the upcoming presidential elections. Speaking of elections, we were asked another burning question during this post-flood period: shall the country choose a presidential candidate who never denied he had been a communist, or a candidate who had been a communist but refused (until recently) to admit it? The same observers might simply say that both were communists, and that it is a rather sad choice to face after the decade-long reign of an emblematic dissident. These and other new items picked out of this September’s headlines remind us that Czech society is still halfway between getting rid of idols from its former regime and truly promoting a new generation of national representatives. Unfortunately, the situation is no different on the business side. A quick look at our Czech business weekly competitors easily reveals that they are still featuring page after page of old business regime moguls trying to stay afloat – in other words, post-communist leaders struggling to survive on the ashes of the post-privatization economy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, The Prague Tribune brings you one more illustration of its commitment to the new Czech business generation. This month, we are happy to introduce several rising stars of the business generation to come. None of them would be likely to make the headlines if they were just chasing some blonde, and chances are they were too young to be active communist leaders. In other words, they are a welcome change. Enjoy the fresh air.






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