Lighten the load
IBM strips considerable weight from its ThinkPad notebook series with the X30. Weighing in at 1.6 kg, it’s capable of stretching battery life to eight hours if equipped with an optional second battery that attaches to the bottom of the unit. Available for CZK 78,270.

New tune box
Panasonic’s compact and affordable SV-SD50 music player includes a 64 MB memory card capable of storing roughly an hour’s worth of MP3s, LCD display, and 30 hours of playback using one AAA battery. CZK 6,995.
Next step, cyborg
Xybernaut, a US-based technology firm, has released the Poma, a novelty computer with a wearable headband display. The PC component can be clipped to a belt, and contains 32 MB of RAM and Microsoft Windows CE operating system. Available at for CZK 45,700.
Pocket shots
Logitech has released a digital camera roughly the size of a credit card, and weighing only 54 grams. The Pocket Digital can store 52 high-resolution images, transferable via USB port. Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, or ME, it’s available at for CZK 4,000.
Packed up and ready to go
HP has dressed up the iPaq PDA into a mobile phone hybrid. The new Wireless Pack enables the iPaq to transfer voice and data via GPRS, as well as performing traditional functions as a pocket PC equipped with internet and e-mail. Available for CZK 15,980.






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