Colorful tension

Not a single room in the Avenir offices in Vršovice is without its omnipresent white logo upon a loud red background. The interior is a mix of billboards in contrasting colors, revealing the focus of the company. The offices are dominated by green walls and columns finished off in company red. The painting in Pavel Slabý’s office, entitled “Under Red”, blends in perfectly with the entire concept.

This tip is removable and can be used as a mace, otherwise it has no other function. This is a creative idea by architect Jaroslav Šusta Jr..

The furniture, including this cabinet, is customized. This cabinet is a kind of vampire. It is like an outstretched hand lurking behind the potential client, casting a spell on him.

Everything, from the interiors to the custom-made furniture, was the idea of architect Šusta, who had free reign to give it his all here. I like this working environment; I feel like I’m on a film set, or upon a well trimmed cake. It’s inspirational. And the response of the employees has been positive as well.

I bought this collage in Berlin from Susane Fels. It’s entitled “Postcommunism”. Everything emanating from this marasmus is directed towards credit cards.

We are leasing advertising space, so we visualize ourselves in this way. It is suggestive.






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