October 2002

“Yes, it is very possible. Chlorine has this effect.”
– reaction of Unipetrol spokesman Jan Martínek after Neratovice citizens complained that chlorine leakage during the recent floods burned the landscape and caused enormous damage.

“Electoral programs are not determined for citizens nor for politicians from other parties; they are mainly for journalists and a few challenging voters. Personally, I have never read any program other than the ODS one.”
– chairman of ODS Václav Klaus, in reference to programs of political parties.

“We do understand that the reparation of damages after the floods is now the number one priority, but salaries of teachers must remain priority number two. Czech teachers have been under water for 55 years.”
– head of school trade unions Ivan Rössler, defending the status of Czech teachers.

“Maybe there were some soldiers somewhere, but I did not see any big formations of troops.”
– testified Jozef Lenárt, former MP and secretary of the Central Committee of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, who is now on trial for treasonous collaboration with Soviet occupational forces in August 1968.






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