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Did you remember at the last moment that your business partner is celebrating a special occasion? Do you have too little free time to go off shopping for a small gift? No need for despair – there are plenty of Czech websites through which you can buy a present or flowers, and even arrange to have it arrive right at someone’s door.

Well arranged and user-friendly, an extensive offer of goods (cut flowers, bouquet arrangements and household plants, etc.), exhaustive information on how the web works and the comfort of all existing options for payment on delivery – this a brief summary of e-shop Under certain conditions (i.e., ordering on time), the flowers you choose will be taken to their destination the same day. You can also find other useful services on this website, such as the possibility to order the delivery and regular treatment of potted plants, or to request notices free-of-charge reminding you of important celebrations and anniversaries.

From the point of view of flowers available or quality of website design, Ekytky matches (however, the goods are only delivered within Prague). You will find all necessary information here, as well as instructions for using the pages. The payment options cover practically all existing methods, and goods will be delivered for you on the same day, if required. The flowers are divided into many different sections, according to occasion – for example, wedding, funeral, birth of a child, etc. Besides flowers, you can also add a suitable gift such as a box of candy or a bottle of whiskey.

An extensive offer at this site – plastic pens, business card holders, travel accessories, diaries, cameras, etc. Purchases are limited by a minimum value of ordered goods: CZK 3,000. The delivery period is one week or more (express delivery can be arranged), or longer for logo-printed items. Before the purchase, you must register. Online payment options are also limited: credit cards or the use of a bank payment system are not possible.

As the name indicates, you can basically purchase gifts in this shop made from such classic materials as wood, glass, beeswax, ceramic, etc. The conditions for delivery and payment are almost exactly what one would expect in an e-shop – cash, credit card or through the eBanka payment system. The delivery period fluctuates between one to 14 days, depending on the amount of ordered goods.

This website offers an entire range of gift items such as luxury pens, caps, and umbrellas, wallets and wrist watches. You can also find a special section here entitled Managerial Gifts. The usual delivery period for goods without a logo is 10-20 working days. The value of your purchase must be higher than CZK 4,000, and you can pay cash in advance or C.O.D. You can also monitor the status of your delivery through the Česká pošta pages.

A brand new search engine within the Czech domain. When entering their request, users can choose to search by pages, articles, university web sites, catalogues or web-hosting sites. Among others things, visitors will be happy to find that the databases are updated on a daily basis.
This website is designed mainly for personnel managers. They can find articles on various topics, a list of educational institutions and firms which are active in the area of human resources, as well as a list of consulting firms and professional organizations. There are also links to foreign websites active in this field.
Visitors to this site will find databases of firms whose services are very important to the housing market, as well as articles relating to this issue. The option to share experiences with other developers could also prove very useful. One drawback is that at first glance the website looks a little cluttered.
This is the website of the Institute of Digital Photographs, which was recently established in Prague. Its goal is to support the field of digital photography, and its pages are primarily devoted to information regarding this activity. Look for invitations to seminars and lectures, reports on new publications, and so on.

word of the month:
– E-paper (sometimes called radio paper or just electronic paper) is a portable, reusable storage and display medium that looks like paper but can be repeatedly written on (refreshed) – by electronic means – thousands or millions of times. E-paper is typically used for applications such as e-books, electronic newspapers, portable signs, and foldable, rollable displays. Information to be displayed is downloaded through a connection to a computer or a cell phone, or created with mechanical tools such as an electronic stylus.






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