Video phone up next
Wireless pioneer Nokia is going to try to push multimedia messaging (MMS) to the next stage of development with the 3650, a handset capable of recording and transmitting video clips. Also included in the phone are Java capability, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and a 4,096-color screen. Available some time in early 2003 in either dark blue, gray or yellow. Price yet to be determined.

Draw-on computer
Fujitsu Siemens is due to release the ST4110 Tablet PC, which uses Windows XP tablet PC edition to enable touch-screen drawing with a stylus pen, by the end of this year. Featuring an Intel Pentium III-M, the PC can either be stationed on a desktop docking system or taken out of the office like a notepad. Winner of the Best of Invex Trade Press Award, its price is yet to be determined.
New look stereo
Sony’s bookshelf stereo system CMT-L7, which has been turning heads all over the world for the past few months, is now available in the Czech Republic. It’s fitted with an eye-catching, sci-fi exterior, and contains a 20-gigabyte hard drive. CDs are automatically recorded (roughly 300 CDs worth of memory is included), then become available for automatic play back. Sony has pegged the domestic price for the system at roughly CZK 40,000.






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