Dancing interior

The building nicknamed the “Fred and Ginger House” has interiors as eye-catching as its exterior. The third floor houses ING Real Estate Development, which realized the entire construction project. Its current director, Tomáš Kadeřábek, appreciates the airiness, simplicity, and transparency of the interiors, which were designed by architect Jan Šesták in cooperation with Horizont.

I have a personal relationship to Filip Ebr’s painting, “Experience”. Pleasant colors and a nice atmosphere

Anytime the space is interrupted by an irregularity, it’s a pleasant relief. It does not “bind” you the way a right angle does, but it is more difficult to furnish it.

Clear glass is frequently used as a material for dividing individual spaces in our interiors. It also reflects on the working atmosphere, and it symbolizes the openness and transparency of the firm and the people alike.

These chairs from Konsepti were recommended for the reception area by the architect Saskia Fokkema.

One of our projects in progress on the banks of the Vltava.

The lion, ING’s symbol, is mandatory for the reception area.






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