Mazda 6: dynamic japanese jewel

Sporty design, excellent handling, and powerful motors are the basis for the success of the new Mazda 6 line. In addition, you can choose between sedan, hatchback, and station wagon bodies with three levels of options, Base, Touring, and Sport.

THE JAPANESE MAZDA brand is attacking on the European market with attractively tailored Mazda 6s, elegant 4.7-m long cars with first-rate technology, built in the European spirit. Very sophisticated chassis with front-wheel drive and E-type multilink rear axles are standard, guaranteeing a high degree of active safety and driving comfort. All Mazda 6 line models have ABS anti-block brakes and EBD electronic braking distribution, and versions with Touring and Sport options come with DSC driving stability control systems, TCS anti-skid systems, and EBA active assisted braking,
all standard.

The range of engines includes four-cylinder, sixteen-valve, 1.8-l, 2.0-l, and 2.3-l gasoline engines that put out 120 hp (88 kW), 141 hp (104 kW), and 166 hp (122 kW), respectively. Of course the customer can choose the highly efficient and also very economical 2.0-l Common Rail turbo-diesel, which in Base models turns out 120 hp (88 kW), and in Touring models yields 136 hp (100 kW). The Mazda 6 sedan with a more powerful turbo-diesel reaches a top speed of 200 km/h with average consumption of only 6.5 liters of fuel per 100 km. Mazda 6 line car prices start at CZK 619,900 (sedan Base 1.8i), and for models with front-wheel drive run to CZK 839,900 for a Sport 2.3i station wagon. The top of the line is a station wagon with a 2.3-l gasoline engine, a five-speed Activematic automatic transmission, and continuous four-wheel drive, which sells for CZK 949,900.






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