November 2002

“I left the communist party on November 20, 1989, right after I learned about the intervention at Národní třída.”
– Ex-minister of justice Jaroslav Bureš, candidate for presidential election, referring to the end of his career in KSČ.

“In eastern Bohemia there was a relatively liberal atmosphere at that time, thanks to people like Mr. Kučera.”
– Vice-chairman of Rada pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání, Petr Štěpánek, describes its new chairman Miloslav Kučera. Kučera as a former censor, who judged the political correctness of texts during the communist period.

“The key reason was the protection of food considering the risk of bio-terrorism.”
– The Ministry of Health’s new ordinance regarding pastry packaging.

“Our people could visit the family of the soldier when he is absent and help with problems. Maybe we could even find out that the wife is showing some non-transparent behavior…and help her.”
– Minister of Defence Jaroslav Tvrdík answering the question about how to solve the problem of conjugal infidelity when soldiers are on long-term missions abroad.






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