Covering all the bases
Digital imaging leader HP supplies shutterbugs with an important tool in the Photosmart 850, a digital camera meant for both aspiring professionals and tourists. It includes an extended zoom, 5-cm LCD display, and 60-second video capability. It can be yours for CZK 21,590.

Scribble screen
The new Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 is light and only 2 cm thin, as it well should be: users are meant to be able to carry it around and draw on it with a stylus like a notepad. Featuring recently released Microsoft XP Windows Tablet PC Edition, it can also be docked and used the old-fashioned way – with a keyboard. Price: CZK 65,980.
Movie time
Panasonic’s latest, the NV-MX500 Camcorder, is designed to compete with high-end models from makers like Sony and JVC. It’s capable of producing high-quality images as well as video footage, and comes with a built-in flash and up to 512 MB of storage (roughly 288 images). Suggested retail price is CZK 70,000.
Getting smart
Sony Ericsson plans to release the P800 in the near future, a multimedia smartphone with a built-in camera capable of sending images via MMS. With a large, 208 x 320 pixel screen, the phone features an album for storage and the option of displaying a color image of the person calling you (given, of course, they have a picture phone as well). Price yet to be determined…






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