Blacksmiths in suits

Jan Forman

The industrial part of Strašnice, with its railroad tracks, factory halls and chimneys, creates a perfect setting for the modern JOFO building to grace. Since 1998 JOFO has engaged in artistic metal work, and its offices and workshops (combined under one roof) feature its own equipment almost exclusively. The interiors were designed by Jan Forman, one of the firm’s three co-owners.



The Danish firm R+R ordered the same staircase we have here in our building. So its copy is in a suburb of Copenhagen.

My colleague brought in this painting; his father, Mr. Pospíšil, painted it in Hawaii after he emigrated.

The showroom on the ground floor features our products exclusively, including the reception desk.

In a certain way, our offices are for self-presentation. When clients visit, they can see what we have to offer in practical usage. Additionally, they become aware of the technical solutions that exist today. For example, space does not have to be divided by obligatory sheetrock; bent glass can be used.

This clothes rack is just a prototype; we’re waiting for our clients’ reactions.

We manufacture this office desk with a checkered-plate pedestal in cooperation with our partner firm, S.I.V. Mimoň.






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