All for the firm unforgettable Christmas gifts

The art of giving – giving art! A cup and plate Akebia, design Bořek Šípek, cup CZK 410, plates CZK 360, 760 and 920, Arzenal.

Have your loved ones always in front of your eyes. A clock with photo frames, Triton, CZK 1,650 Folli-Follie.

You won’t run away with these, dear colleagues! Shoe trees from cedar wood, CZK 1,690, Beltissimo.

Throw the dice. “Take it easy”, Troika, CZK 950, Belt.

Sharply cut style. Candle-holders from crystal Stern – Rosenthal, CZK 2,594 and 1,805, Ranný Architects.

Small notes can have big meanings. Note block in stainless steel folder Triton, CZK 950, Folli-Follie.

Strategy lesson. Pocket domino in stainless steel case, CZK 1,000, Folli-Follie.

Care for your colleagues’s health. Milk cup, CZK 275, Modrobílá linie.

It’s good to move your body. Jump-rope Troika collection, CZK 630, Belt.

Relax with massage machine Tubby, Koziol, CZK 521, Ranný Architects.

Just whistle a bit! Steel whistle-key pendant, CZK 170, Optika Maya

Endless generosity. Plush pinguin, CZK 400, Styl.
Arzenal, Valentýnská 11, Praha 1 · Belt a Beltissimo, Slovanský dům, Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1 · Folli-Follie, OC Nový Smíchov, Plzeňská 8, Praha 5 · Modrobílá linie, Štěpánská 61, Praha 1 · Optika Maja, Karlovo nám. 6, Praha 2 · Ranný Architects, Rytířská 6, Praha 1 · Styl, Vodičkova 10, Praha 1






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