Renault Mégane II: powerful personality

A striking, avant-garde design and state-of-the-art technology characterize the new Renault Mégane II, a hatchback with three- and five-door versions that has just appeared on the Czech market.

THE SECOND-GENERATION Renault Mégane continues the stylistic trend that began with the avant-garde Avantime and the luxurious Vel Satis. The compact, 4.21-meter-long body is distinguished by its horizontal, arched rear window, which is connected to the strikingly shaped bottom part of the rear end. The entire back of the body can be opened up to facilitate access to the variable luggage space, while an electronic card to replace keys is a typical element of the Mégane II.

Even in the standard models, all Mégane II cars have front and side airbags up front, as well as roof airbags that protect the heads of passengers in the front and back seats. Standard equipment also includes ABS anti-block braking, EBV electronic braking power distribution, and an assisted system for emergency braking in crisis situations. The Mégane II’s front wheels are driven by one of the 1.4-l, 1.6-l, or 2.0-l gasoline engines, which put out 80 to 136 hp (60 to 98.5 kW), or by modern 1.5-l or 1.9-l, direct injection turbo-diesels that turn out 80 and 120 hp (60 and 88 kW). The most powerful motors, the 2.0-l and 1.9 dCi are mated to six-speed gearboxes, while the others come with standard five-speeds. Mégane II three-door models start at CZK 405,000, and five-door models start at CZK 420,000. There is a wide range of cars with 1.4-l and 1.6-l gasoline engines, as well as a 1.5 dCi turbo-diesel, that are priced below CZK 500,000 .






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