The best of Dubai

The City of Merchants, a shimmering oasis at the edge of the Arabian Gulf, providing the finest facilities, attractions and environment for both business and tourism. Dubai is a clean, contemporary city where commercial towers blend with ancient Middle Eastern designs and customs.

Renata Talacková
sales manager, Concorde Group

Favorite hotel
: Rotana Towers, 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, tel: +971 4 3438000
Favorite restaurant: Fish Market, InterContinental, Bin Yas Street, tel: +971 4 222 7171
Favorite night club: Long’s bar, Towers Rotana Hotel, tel: +971 4 312 2202
Favorite attraction: Jeep safari
Best-kept secret: Kasbar, The Royal Mirage Hotel, tel: +971 4 399 9999
Favorite shop: Armani, Al Maktoum Road
Advice: Take your Platinum credit card and forget your troubles!
Jan Papež
general manager, Marco Polo International
Favorite hotel: Metropolitan Beach Resort, P.O.BOX 24454, tel: +971 4 399 50 00
Beautiful beach, wonderful tropical garden, swimming pool – excellent place to relax. High quality rooms, pleasant service for a decent price.
Favorite restaurant: Long Yin, Le Méridien Hotel, Deira Dubai, tel: + 971 4 282 4040. Chinese restaurant; delicious food and excellent service.
Favorite night clubs: There are many Irish pubs with live music and great beer.
Favorite shops: Quality goods for reasonable prices can be found in big shopping centers as well as markets.
Favorite attraction: Safari. Driving a jeep 4×4 in sand dunes increases your adrenaline rate and the sunset is very romantic. The ride finishes in Bedouin camps, but be careful to chose smaller, untouched camps with atmosphere.
Best-kept secret: Take a companion with you (advice for both genders). Emirates is really not the most convenient place for a holiday romance.
Advice: Have a shot of your favorite “disinfectant” in the morning..
Marcus Platzer
director of sales & marketing, InterContinental Hotel PragueFavorite hotel: Business Hotel: InterContinental Dubai, Bin Yas Street, P.O. box 476, tel: +971 4 222 7171
Leisure Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, P.O. box 26525, tel: +971 4 399 4000
Favorite restaurant: Shabestan, InterContinental, Bin Yas Street, PO Box 476, tel: +971 4 222 7171 -The only place in Dubai where you can sample authentic Persian cuisine.
Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab Hotel, 6 Al-Jumeirah Road, tel: + 971 4 348 0000 – probably one of the best seafood experiences in the world
Favorite night club: Kasbar, Royal Mirage Hotel on Jumeirah Beach, tel: +971 4 399 9999
Favorite shops: Wafi Mall, Bur Dubai, tel: +971 4 3244 555 and Burman Centre, probably two of the most exclusive malls in the world
Favorite attractions: Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Road, tel: +971 4 353 1862, This museum houses Al Fahidi Fort.
The “Souks” traditional market in Deira – either at 6 am or late at night, where local firshermen unload mountains of fresh fish.
Best-kept secret: Nad Al Sheba Club, tel: + 971 4 336 3666 -One of the finest floodlit golf courses in the world. Open until midnight.
Advice: -Bargaining – this is a part of the fun of shopping in Dubai. While some shops and department stores may operate on a fixed-price basis, most other outlets consider friendly negotiations as a way of life. Enjoy it.
Jean-Paul Ghoneim
attaché audiovisuel, Ambassade de France en République tchequeFavorite hotels: InterContinental, Bin Yas Street, tel: +971 4 222 7171,
Marriott, Abu Baker Al Saddique Road, tel: +971 4 262 4444
Favorite restaurants: Shabestan, InterContinental Dubai, Bin Yas Street tel: +971 4 222 7171, Oriental food
La Cucina, JW Marriot, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, tel: +971 4 262 4444, Italian restaurant
Favorite night club: Irish village, Aviation Club, Garhoud, tel: +971 4 282 4750
Favorite shops: Wafi Mall, Bur Dubai, tel: 971 4 3244 555
Favorite attraction: A sail accross the gulf on a Douk, strolling into the gold market (an unforgettable sight), and the “Souks”.
Advice: Shopping for spices, especially saffron (the best quality comes from Iran – a bit expensive, but worth it). With the exception of the latest mobile phones, electronics are no less expensive than in most European countries.



Basic factsLocation: Southern shore of the Arabian Gulf, northeastern United Arab Emirates.
Population: 858,000.
Ethnic mix: 60% Indian, Pakistani and Filipino, 25% Emirates, 12% Arab, 3% Western ex-pats.
Religion: 57% Muslim, 20% Hindu, 20% Roman Catholic, 3% other.
Time zone: GMT + 4.
Electricity: 220 or 240 volts AC, 50 Hz; square three-pin plugs are standard.
Average January temp: 24° C (75° F).
Average July temp: 41° C (106° F).
Annual rainfall: 300 mm (11.8 inches).

Where on the web?
For further information, we suggest the following websites dedicated to Dubai: -a great place to start, as it has numerous links as well as an event guide that’s updated daily. -for the “well-informed” traveler, this site offers news/current events that may be useful before take-off. -this on-line magazine offers articles ranging from hard news to cooking tips. -the folks from the “Time Out” guides offer a well-rounded, if not insightful, overview of the city. -if you’re traveling more for pleasure than business, this site is worth checking out. -Taj partner hotels present a site for business travelers seeking accomodation..


· one-liter bottle of mineral water: AED 4
· 33-cl bottle of beer (only available in certain hotels/restaurants): AED 17
· Financial Times newspaper: from AED 12
· 36-exposure color film: AED 26
· city-center bus ticket: AED 1-3.5
· three-course meal with wine/beer: from AED 110

1 United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) = CZK 8.32; GBP 0.18; USD 0.27; CAD 0.43;



Business PROFILE

It is a major faux pas to break certain conventions when doing business in Dubai. Conservative clothing is expected, despite the often soaring heat. The terms “Sayed” (Mr) or “Sayeda” (Mrs), followed by the first name, should be used in polite greetings. The Arabic handshake involves touching the heart with the palm of the right hand after each shake, although when greeting Arab women, one should not offer their hand unless the woman extends hers first. Also, never sit in such a way that your feet are pointing directly at someone else. Friday is a day of prayer and rest, so meetings should not be scheduled, and calls to Arab people should be avoided. Likewise, locals won’t answer the telephone during siestas (between 14:00 and 17:00). Business meals may be served at venues that do not serve alcohol. Asking for it may cause embarrassment or insult.







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