December 2002

“Because of his constitutional authority, the president can be defined as a rose-laurel or ficus in our political jungle. I am a rather thorny carnivorous plant.”
– Miloš Zeman expressing his doubts about whether he could be a good president of the Czech Republic.

“He is a very honest man; one of the most honest people I know.”
– Petr Hulínský, head of ČSSD municipal representation in the Prague Magistrate, describing Jan Slezák, the leader of ČSSD in the municipal elections. Slezák was in command of the police intervention on Národní třída in November 1989.

“I don’t see any reason for it. I just want to add that, financially, I’m very well assured.”
– Michael Hvížďala answered the question whether he will finally make his income public.

“Call the director.”
– Vladimír Železný’s answer when an interviewer asked him to name his favorite TV program.






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