Sit back and surf
The Gyromouse, from US firm Gyration, allows users to operate a wireless mouse from anywhere within a 12-meter range of the computer, just by squeezing a trigger, waving a hand through the air and clicking.
Available at for approximately CZK 2,400.

Multi-entertainment box
Archos has released the Multimedia 20, a device capable of performing multiple tasks, from displaying digital video and photo images, to playing MP3s, while maintaining 20 GB of storage space. Files are transferable over USB or FireWire.
Available at for approximately CZK 11,600.
Shunning trends
Motorola opts to avoid the multimedia messaging trend of late by releasing the T720, a phone with a large color display, mobile internet (via GPRS) and PDA applications (but no MMS). For those longing for a phone with most up-to-date applications, but hasn’t shrunk to miniscule proportions, this may be a good solution.
Available for CZK 11,029.
Candy-colored cameras
Panasonic brings a multi-hued array of leading edge digital cameras with the Lumix DMC-F1, featuring Leica technology and superb picture quality. Relatively light (at 350 g), the Lumix comes with SD Memory card and super-zoom function.
Available some time in spring of 2003, price yet to be determined.






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