January 2003

“I consider the recalling of directors as a custom and a yearly celebration.”
– actor and speaker Jan Kraus commented on Jiří Balvín’s dismissal from Czech TV.

“I am like an athlete – the best jumpers avoid some levels; the weak ones can not afford to lose a try.”
– Miloš Zeman’s argument as to why he is avoiding the first round of presidential elections and entering the second on.

“It is not pure coincidence that the majority of the owners have such non-Slavic names.”
– with these words ombudsman Otakar Motejl criticized the behavior of landlords and how they increase their rents. Now he is facing accusations of racism.

“In my bank account I have an amount sufficient to indicate that I was an MP for six years. I am economical, that’s why I became Minister of Finance.”
– Bohuslav Sobotka, avoiding the details of his financial circumstances.

“They taught us about how can a farmer draw attention to himself.”
– Zdeněk Koubek, member of the board of the Agrarian Chamber, describing the help Czech farmers received from their French and Italian counterparts.






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