Portable wide screen
Apple recently introduced an impressive addition to its line of Powerbook notebooks – a G4 featuring a mammoth, 43 cm-wide display. Room abounds for menus, toolbars, etc., creating the possibility that even heavy-duty design could go portable. The unit also comes with iDVD software, a back lit keyboard, and FireWire 800 connectivity. The retail price is CZK 99,400.

Computers everywhere
Microsoft has unveiled a series of novel devices capable of supporting its software. The Smart Watch, developed together with Fossil, is designed to deliver customized information (text messages, etc.) to your wrist. The price is estimated to start at CZK 4,500. Available soon.
Hidden camera
The Nokia Camera Headset featured a digital VGA camera embedded within a standard peaking/listening aperture. Attachable to a phone via Pop Port, the camera transmits images to multi-media messaging phones. Price yet to be determined.
Going digital
Panasonic brings us the T(Tau) Digital Television, combining sophisticated technology with simple, sleek design. It features 80cm, high-intensity display, capable of splitting multiple stations simultaneously on a single screen. Available for CZK 74,995.






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