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Located in the center of Europe, Frankfurt am Main is the financial heart not only of Germany but also of the EU, as well as a major center for conventions and trade fairs. Visitors will find a vibrant social and cultural atmosphere, pleasant climate and alluring countryside.

Udo Wichert
general manager, Travel Plus Lufthansa CityCenter

Favorite hotel: Maritim Hotel, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3, tel: +49-69-75780
Favorite restaurant: Rainbow Garden, Düsseldorfer Str. 1, tel: +49-69-252066 – Thai food
Favorite attraction: Palmengarten, Siesmayerstr. 61
Best-kept secret: Operncafé, Opernplatz 10, tel: +49-69-285260
Favorite shops: shops on Goethestrasse
Advice: Beware of pick-pockets. Driving is difficult due to many one-way streets.
Christian Gaber
head of risk management, Dresdner Bank CZ
Favorite hotel: Sofitel Hotel, Savignystrasse 1416, tel: +49-69-75330
Favorite restaurant: Wagner, Schweizer Str. 71, tel: + 49-69-612565
Favorite attraction: Kleinmarkthalle, Hasengasse 5-7, tel: +49-69-285027
Favorite shops: Obchody na / shops on Goethestrasse
Advice: Stay out of the Bahnhof Kaiserstrasse area.
Oliver Schmitt
managing partner, TeamconsultFavorite hotel: Frankfurter Hof, Am Kaiserplatz 17, tel: +49-69-21502
Favorite restaurant: Tigerplalast, Heiligenkreuzgasse 16-20, tel: +49-69-92002225 – variety theater and a Michelin-rated restaurant under one roof
Favorite night club: Bar Main Tower, Neue Mainzer Str. 52-58, tel: +49-69-36504770 – cocktail bar on the 53rd floor
Favorite shop: Ordnungssinn, Katharinenpforte 6, tel: +49-69-296245 – užitečné věci pro domácnost s pěkným designem
Favorite attraction: Schirn Kunsthalle, Römerberg, tel: +49-69-2998820 – museum with rotating exhibits, mostly for modern art
Best-kept secret: Palmengarten, Siesmayerstr. 61 – botanical garden in the city center
Advice: If you have time, visit the area called Taunus, the hills surrounding Frankfurt.
Basic factsLocation: Hessen, central Germany.
Country dialing code: 49
Population: 650,000 (city); 3.1 million (metropolitan area)
Ethnic mix: 91.6% white, 8.4% other.
Religion: 35.7% Protestants, 34.7% Catholics, 2.2% Muslims, 27.4% other or no religion.
Time zone: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October)
Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz; round two-pin plugs are standard
Average January temp: 3° C (38° F)
Average July temp: 25° C (77° F)
Annual rainfall: 625 mm (25 inches)

Where on the web?
For further information, we suggest the following websites dedicated to Frankfurt: & -as might be expected in a city with so many trade fairs, finding a hotel can sometimes be tricky. Here’s help -a well-rounded guide that focuses on less commercial aspects of the city -the long-established Fodor’s guides can now be accessed on-line, anytime -check out the Goethe Institute’s portal page for insight into Frankfurt – Frankfurt facts and lots of them. This is a great jumping-off point for wide-ranging info – for a good overview of Germany, and a few links to Frankfurt info, visit this site.


· one-liter bottle of mineral water: EUR 1
· 33-cl bottle of beer: EUR 0.50
· Financial Times newspaper: EUR 2
· 36-exposure color film: EUR 4
· city-center bus ticket: EUR 1-2
· adult football ticket: EUR 1-2
· three-course meal with wine/beer: from EUR 25.50

EUR 1 = CAD 1.63; CZK 31.45; GBP 0.66; USD 1.07 (currency conversion rates as of press time)



Business PROFILE

· Frankfurt ranks with New York, London and Tokyo as one of the world’s most important business cities. 42,000 businesses, generating more than EUR 46 billion GDP, are registered in the city. Manufacturing is the main sector, but high technology is increasingly important. 83% of the total workforce is employed in the service industry (the largest employer being the international airport).

· The city is home to a number of key national and international financial organizations, and half of Germany’s largest banks also have their headquarters here. Home to 500 publishing and printing companies, Frankfurt is the mainstay of the German book industry. It is also a center for media and communications, with 2,000 companies involved in public relations and marketing, press, film, advertising and telecommunications.

· Messe Frankfurt GmbH is one of the largest trade fair organizations, positioned west of the bank quarter and welcoming up to 44,000 exhibitors and 2.16 million visitors annually – the Book Fair alone attracts 8,000 exhibitors and 250,000 visitors. In addition, around 55,000 conferences and congresses are held annually at 72 venues in the city.


Business etiquete

· Punctuality for both business and social events is extremely important. Frankfurters are impressed with efficiency and strong business sense and this is displayed in their business style – firm handshakes, formal use of business cards, and an appreciation of straight talking. Business contacts must be addressed by their surname and by the formal ‘Sie’ for ‘you’. Academic and other titles should be used wherever applicable. Both men and women are expected to wear suits – men should also wear a tie.

· Business socialising mainly takes place over lunches, especially on Friday, as many offices close at around 13:00. After work drinks are a more casual affair between colleagues and therefore seldom include clients. Visitors to Germany should note that in some cases, instead of applauding, German businessmen and women may rap their knuckles on the table.







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