The burdensome lightness of being

L.O.F.T., a development and real estate company, has been headquartered in a former gallery on Vojtěšská Street since 2001. One of the first impressions one gets from the striking interior design is its consistency. “A well done interior requires unpredictability and stimulation,” says Leoš Válka, the designer and director of the firm.

Transparency and contrast.

Proportion, improvization, lighting, and a good mix.

An informal industrial motif, again based on contrast. This time warmth – cork on the walls – versus coolness – cold steel and glass on the desk top.

I like taking precepts to extremes. Accessing books in the nearly four-meter tall library is like rock-climbing.

Everything here is based on several concepts. The staircase, as subtle as Japanese origami, ends in the wall, but you can still climb it. On the other hand, the medievalsolid desk could be used as a helicopter pad, but it is usually just covered with papers.

I’m fascinated by the outlines of the human head, and these three heads are each done differently. The industrial aluminum head is by Nepraš, the tragic bronze head is by Rón, and Gagik’s romantic head – oil on canvas.






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