March 2003

“They talked about it in the main German news, Tagesthemen, it was among three key issues of the day – Iraq, Schröder, Gott. That’s cool.”
– Karel Gott referring to the international repercussions of his announcement to possibly run for President of the Czech Republic.

“Anyone who says that they are in politics because Brazilian rain forests are disappearing or some countries suffer from famine is insane. People are in politics because it satisfies them.”
– opines ODS chairman Mirek Topolánek.

“I don’t mind a bit that Prime Minister Špidla started the battle cry in Parliament: ‘To Baghdad! To Baghdad!’I just hope that as a real warrior he will lead the army.”
– Miroslav Macek comments on the support of the Czech government for the US attack on Iraq.

“If I fear something, then it is this country and its perception of justice. I fear the manipulation, not because it concerns me personally. I fear it in general.”
– Vladimír Železný’s answer to the question if he sleeps well despite all the criminal charges against him.

“I agreed with Mrs. Havlová that I should not come, on account of my queasy stomach. I will bring an excuse from my doctor.”
– singer Vlasta Třešňák, a former dissident and old friend of Václav Havel, who refused to join the farewell party with the president in National Theater, because of the participation of some artists who were on good terms with the former regime.






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