Modern modesty

Martin Dlouhý

The managing director of McDonald’s Czech and Slovak Republics, Martin Dlouhý, spends only part of the week in the office; the rest of the time he is “in the field”. But he still has very specific demands about his work space. Three years ago, with the assistance of architects Luboš Zeman and David Marek, he rebuilt it into a distinctive, airy space that combines functionalism and minimalism.



Photographs of my children create a pleasant atmosphere. The lamp does not really go with the rest of the interior, but it has accompanied me for several years, it is a piece of nostalgia, that’s why I keep it.

Among all the awards, for me the most valuable are the President’s Award, in praise of my work, and the McIron Man that I won in our company’s sports contest.

The furniture, including the Rovofun chairs, is supplied by Interior PFD International.

I chose the painting personally in the studio of the painter, Jiří Votruba, and I think it makes a nice counterpoint to the rest of the office. The door is almost always open, which says to colleagues that they can come to see me any time.

A very interesting light – Martini by Esagono. The intensity can be adjusted according to need.

The office must make an impression of lightness and airiness; it’s a matter of feeling. During work I love a lot of space, that’s why I wanted a big table. I spread everything around me, which helps me to think.






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