INDUSTRY. Piracy takes a plunge
According to research by Business Software Alliance, use of illegal software in the Czech Republic has dropped from 63% to 43%, thus nearly closing the gap with western Europe, where the percentage is 37%. The decline in computer piracy in this country is attributable not only to more frequent sanctions applied to vendors of copied software, but also to the new industry called software management. Thorough up-grading to legal software began in state administration, with the commercial sector following closely, making the use of legal software part of our corporate culture. “A well-conducted software audit substantially reduces the risk of harm to the company’s good name, and the consequences of violating copyrights and associated legal regulations. Companies are beginning to realize that they have to manage their software, just as they manage their money,” says Martina Hyndráková, product manager for truconneXion, a software company.

Tomáš Kubeš

CIVIC PLANNING: Prague undergoes flood defense measures
In the aftermath of the catastrophic floods that Prague underwent last August, the capital city has started systematically investing in flood protection measures. This year Prague City Hall intends to spend CZK 400 million on these projects, with another CZK 900 million in 2004, to be financed by a loan from the European Investment Bank. The largest amount will be spent on protecting Karlín, where it will be necessary to raise the banks of the Vltava, in some places by as much as several meters






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