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Minority Report
In an incredibly dark vision of the future (penned by Philip K. Dick and adapted by Steven Spielberg), murder has been eliminated by use of mutants’ psychic powers. Fast-paced, marvelously faceted, and full of ideas, this may be the best science fiction film since another Dick novel was brought to the screen as Bladerunner.
Harry Potter
The long-awaited screen version of J.K. Rowling’s first novel is good, but not great. Director Chris Columbus had the unenviable task of trying to make a blockbuster movie while simultaneously pleasing Potter fans who would be angry if anything was changed or – heaven forbid – deleted. In spite of this, he’s created an enchanting film that the whole family can enjoy.
Mulholland Drive
In David Lynch’s most recent offering, we’re plunged into a Hollywood nightmare, a mad miasma of recycled noir archetypes and fractured dream logic. This is Lynch at his most characteristic – weird, macabre, superbly unsettling – as he conducts us on a tour of the seedy side of LA’s glamour factories and palm-lined streets.
Director Barry Levinson’s goofy crime comedy centers on two bungling buddies who escape from prison and begin robbing banks, while at the same time endearing themselves to the public and hostages alike. When a troubled married woman enters their fold it complicates both their escapades and their friendship.


Soul Hooligan – Music Like Dirt
Soul Hooligan is composed of three England-based club-going friends who independently developed their musical styles. On their debut album, the Hooligans take the musical spectrum of such traditional genres as soul, blues, and jazz, and stretch it to include hip-hop, garage rock, banjo-plucking and futuristic laser noises. Turn it on.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Nocturama
Each song on this album is crafted around Cave’s despondent signature vocals, which convey his daunting, yet poetic, story-telling lyrics amidst a wash of delicate piano and string arrangements. There’s plenty of goth-melancholy here to please longtime followers, while more accessible tracks are likely to enlarge Cave’s congregation.
Jan Dismas Zelenka – Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis
A beautiful late work of the relatively neglected Czech baroque composer, written in 1736, just years before his death. Zelenka has adapted the typical five elements of the baroque mass – Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Agnus Dei – and divided them into 19 gorgeous, moving set pieces, which are even more astounding on repeated hearings.
Moviola – Rumors Of The Faithful
For five years, Columbus, Ohio’s Moviola has honed its organic porch-pop through meticulous home recording and democratic creation. All members take turns on lead vocals, and the result is a richly-varied album that ranges from bittersweet yearning, to ultra-catchy, to saloon sing-along. A thoughtful, timeworn approach to making music.


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