DVD on the move
Panasonic plans to bring a DVD video camera to the Czech market next month. The VDR-M30 can record up to 120 minutes worth of footage, or nearly 2000 still images onto DVD-RAM and DVD-R disks. An LCD screen allows for in-camera editing.
Estimated retail price is CZK 39,995.

Fast and mobile
The Evo N620c, from HP, is a more powerful and slightly more portable version of the company’s popular line of notebooks. It features the new Intel Pentium M processor, as well as a light body (at 2.2 Kg) and wireless connectivity through MultiPort for LAN or WAN communication.
Prices start at 68,760 CZK..
New look Siemens
The new Siemens SL55 mobile phone, due on the Czech market this month, has surprised many observers with its refreshingly bold design. It features a sliding keypad, color display, GPRS, MMS, multimedia editor, and an add-on camera.
It’s expected to go for around CZK 15,000.






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