Law and order

Karel Fiala

During the days of the First Republic, seamstress workshops were situated here. Today it houses the headquarters of the law office of Fiala, Profous, Maisner & Company. Partner Karel Fiala explains that its look as of 2001 is the result of a cooperative effort between architect Radan Hubička and the partners of the law office who were not deterred by its strictly functionalist concept.

The long table in the conference room has a top made of one solid piece, but it stands on only four small legs. It is not necessary for there to be any other decorative items or paintings on the walls – it is an artistic work in and of itself.

This original conference table was also designed by Radan Hubička.

The minimalist wall unit of shelves was quite complex in terms of construction. To make it more alive, I put a plant underneath and an architect chose the stylish pot. Four men strained to carry it.

My work desk, at which I started as an attorney, stands out from the otherwise unified whole. I wasn’t able to give it up as I have a personal relationship with it.

The reception area is a space for initial communication. Clients must get a certain feeling of quality and refinement, but at the same time they must not be overwhelmed. A porous Persian travertine gives the functional solution a warm, natural element.

We knocked down the classic door and now the glass walls accentuate the effect of the long hall. The orange evokes a feeling of innovation.






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