Otakáro Schmidt, film director & stage actor

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A character from the boys comic strip “Rychlé šípy” (Quick Arrows) – Červenáček. I wore, as he did, a red hat. I was a member of the Scouts; we had our own Manitu, god too. It was a kind of child mysticism.

Your favorite animal?
Our pseudo-dachshund Muf, because he sings, knows ten words, and likes us.

Your favorite TV programs?
I don’t have any. Sometimes the weather forecast. And the series “Po Karlově mostě” (On the Charles Bridge).

What do you like most in women and what do you despise?
Women are one spiritual step ahead, and therefore they don’t need to stylize themselves into male roles.

Which hero from a novel would you like to be?
A Roman soldier from His Kingdom by Mika Waltari.

What present would you like to receive?
An apparition of an angel.

What is the sense of your life?
To plant a tree, to be in harmony with nature, to build a house, to have internal order, to have a daughter – genetic continuation.

What is never missing in your fridge?
Cutlets and burgers from vegetable non-soya meat.

How would you like to die?
On the wings of angels, embracing little Jana, with a prayer on my lips, reconciled, with last rites and in peace.

How would you most like to spend your vacation?
Here in Bohemia. In some of the mystic places I am presently shooting a documentary about regarding the Seven Spiritual Stairs. Those include, for example, Vyšehrad or Velehrad.

Where will you never return?
Never say never – but I would like to avoid taking a ride again in a carriage through an amusement park’s castle of horrors.

What is your favorite insult?
Atheist, communist, nazi.

Who do people confuse you with?
With David Vávra. I am a pretty Otakáro and he is a Bujón.

Your favorite saying?
To the pure, all things pure.

How do you get up in the morning?
It is an odyssey. Starting with yoga, through herbal tea, to playing the piano.

If you were organizing a dinner to which you could invite five people from any place and any era, whom would you invite and why?
Václav Havel, Carl Gustav Jung, Charles IV, the Virgin Mary and my Janička Studničková. I wouldn’t want to disturb them, but I also wouldn’t want to miss something.

What dream has been fulfilled for you?
For now all my dreams have been fulfilled.

What do you like about yourself the most?
That I’ve found the courage to admit to myself that I’m nuts.

What do you despise about yourself the most?
The fact that I’m nuts.

Do you think it’s better to say everything or not to know everything?
The best thing is to only say what is essential and to know everything essential.

Would you like to act in an action film?
Yes, but it would have to be an action film about Charles IV.

Would you take a trip to outer space?
Not long ago I would have given anything for it.






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