May 2003

“For example, I have never met so many pretty girls as these days in the streets. You hardly see these things driving in a limousine.”
– former spokesman for Václav Havel, Ladislav Špaček.

“I’ve communicated with the agriculture sector for the past 13 years. And I meet farmers every year during harvest festivals and other activities.”
– president Václav Klaus at a meeting with farmers in southern Bohemia.

“Our people simply stumbled into that meeting. They were occupied with something completely different.”
– BIS head Jiří Růžek comments on the news that police identified two secret service agents at a recent meeting of Stanislav Gross.

“Dracula is here.”
– the whisper that was heard in the Congress Center at the end of the ČSSD meeting, when it was necessary to vacate the space for the musical performance “Dracula”. But many people understood it as: “I heard Zeman is here. Where is he?”






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