Facets of luxury

Fidelis Schlée in front of his portrait
by Jadran Šetlík

Heavy as marble, brilliantly Baroque, and laid out in right angles. The interior of publisher Fidelis Schlée’s office radiates luxury similar to that of Rolls Royces and Bentleys. And just as a burnished teak dashboard might hide state-of-the-art controls, so does a black marble desktop conceal dozens of cables that control everything from the well-executed lighting system to security cameras.

“This window pane illuminates the staircase, which in many buildings is solely functional and usually ugly.”

“This is a room for strictly discrete conferences, with perfect protection against eavesdropping. There are not even any visual distractions.”

“This customized desk with a black stone surface weighs two and a half tons. Stone is my favorite material. The golden color of the wall-shelves makes this otherwise cold space warmer and more human. Gold was my expressed choice, otherwise the architect, Radan Hubička, had a completely free hand.”

“The office meets all of my requirements for a perfect work place. It’s aesthetically well balanced, convenient in terms of technology, and 100% sound-proof. I practically live here, as I work 20 hours a day. Dalí’s Minotaur stands here because it best expresses the state of my soul.”

“The Large Lion Chanuka candle holder is to me a symbol of Chanuka. These 70 kilograms of gold and silver have an interesting history. I received it as a gift.”






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