Positive waves

The somewhat meandering path of sculptor Lubomír Čermák oddly weaves from figurative paintings and organically shaped wooden structures to experiments with new media and severe geometrical compositions.

ČERMÁK’S philosophy is based on qualities that can be best described with words such as idea, perfect craftsmanship, thought, or, if you will, spiritual. His works usually have a second function that counts on certain sensuous or intellectual communication with the viewer, which brings an interesting dynamic to the work. Čermák finds satisfaction in the idea that his works could stimulate people to look within themselves.
His approach displays sympathy towards eastern teachings. Therefore Čermák’s expression is far from profligacy or even ornamentation, with the exception of the hallmark waviness, which appears in the structures or shape of naturally flowing forms. “The initial impulse for the creation of the work is mainly the material itself, then the shape and the idea follows,” the artist explains. “I have a feeling that the ideas are stored somewhere above us, and all you need to do is catch them, visualize them, and embody them in sculpture.”
Čermák’s chamber sculptures are distinctive objects that fill space with soft energy, caressing one with natural vibrations. “Creating such a two-meter tall sculpture with a perfectly elaborated structure takes two or three months, as the work is extremely painstaking,” he says. He carves his sculptures by hand, mainly from linden, cherry, or olive, which stands out with its beautiful composition. But this sculptor also works with marble, bronze, and glass. One of his most successful works is a glass sculpture that he designed as the prize for the German film festival Natur Vision.
He applies his experience with free vision in his designer works as well. He makes separate pieces of furniture, such as lights or tables with typically wavy contours, as well as kitchen and living room sets. He is capable of adapting original furniture designs to any interior, from a luxury apartment to a bathroom in a prefab housing unit. Čermák has gained a well-deserved reputation for his reconstructions of service cores. He is also successful with exteriors, as borne out by the roof of the Ethno retail stand in the Myslbek shopping center passage.


the call of distances

Without ever leaving your house, you can still boast trophies from the most distant corners of the world.

Rice bowl, 159 Kč, chopsticks, 80 Kč

Clay candle holder, 179 Kč
                                                                                                                                                   Pottery bowl on little legs decorated with bast, 349 Kč
Plate with calligraphy, 590 Kč
Komodo, Týnská ulička 4, Praha 1


shop of the month

Submarine syndrome: If stylish household accessories from refined steel, porcelain or glass are your cup of tea, then check out Nautilus studios. Cheerfully colorful, yet gracefully shaped, porcelain from Kahla; innovative porcelain and glass accessories from La Mediterranea; or the advanced “steel world” of Zack’s product line will almost certainly tempt yourdesign appetites.

Nautilus, Vinohradská 190, Praha 3






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