Ondřej Havelka, singer and actor

In which country would you like to live?
In good old England.

What truth about yourself would you like people to know?
That I’m very bright, very witty, universally talented, and, mainly, extraordinarily modest.

What was the last thing that was stolen from you?
The illusion that truth and love will always win out over lies and hate.

What is your favorite activity during the day?
Deliberate pondering what to jump into next.

What is your favorite insult?
Unfortunately, the most reliable way to insult people is to tell them the truth straight out.

What present would you liket to get?
A house in the English countryside.

How would you like to die?
Sometimes after I’ve turned 90, on the 18th green, just after winning a golf game.

What is your state of mind these days?
Don’t provoke me when I’m answering.

Your favorite saying?
Go out at your peak.

What is your handicap?
13 in golf, 48 in life.

What is the worst thingthat could happen to you?
Your thinking up more questions.

What do you like in men and what do you despise?
There you go. So – a sense of humor; vanity.

What do you like in women and what do you despise?
Animated beauty; cantankerousness.

Your favorite quote?
I don’t have any favorite, but I’ve recently enjoyed one of Oscar Wilde’s: “Young people think money’s the most important thing in life. Only when they get older do they know it for sure.”

If you won the lottery, and no longer had to work to earn a living, what occupation or vocation would you pursue?
With peace of mind I’d still be pondering what to jump into next.

If you had a dinner party and could invite five people from any period in history, who would they be, and why?
Groucho Marx, Woody Allen, Hugo Haas, Fred Astair, and my partner, because I couldn’t deny her such company.

Which of your dreams has come true?
Singing with a jazz band.

And on the contrary, which of your dreams did not come true?
To perform with my Melody Makers in New York.

Do you think it’s better to say everything or not to know everything?
It’s better to know something and then maybe even to say it.

Would you like a role in an action movie?
That depends on the action.

What is your worst nightmare?
Facing some obligation at work!

If you could turn back the clock and live at the beginning of the last century, what would you like to be?
The son of the cultivated, socially sensitive, culture-loving owner of several prosperous companies – let’s say a large publishing house, a successful network of galleries, and a prospering film studio.






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