On a blue note

Luděk Eremiáš

Luděk Eremiáš, one of the founders of Erpet company and president of the Golf Club Erpet Praha is not fond of flash – which his office furnishings reflect. The room is dominated in rich blue, combined with wood, geometric shapes and plenty of personal effects. Interiors were realized by Aneta Rašovičová of Linea Pura, which supplied all of the furniture with the assistance of Eremiáš’s wife.

“I treasure the Golf Personality of 2002 award from the Czech Golf Federation the most. I got it for being the founder and long-time president of the Hanuš Goldscheider Foundation. It is not easy to get such an award.”

“The whole building is square, so we didn’t have many options. The entire building’s interiors are designed in geometric shapes. The desk with the triangle motif, repeated on office supplies, we chose from the Linea Pura offer. Only the size was adjusted.”

“This unique sofa, ashtray, and magazine holder also comes from the production of the Italian firm Linea Pura. The oil painting is an original, but unfortunately I do not know the artist. It was part of the former furnishings.”

“I always traveled a lot, first as a sportsman, later as sports official. I like to bring typical souvenirs from the trips – idols, elephants, or sailboats, which I collect. This represents about one third of my trophys and awards, the rest are at home.”

“Blue is everywhere because it is my favorite color – it has a soothing effect on me. The pictures are Vasilij Kandinsky reproductions and works of my son, who has painted since he was four. These are the best to decorate the office with, as they create a connection with my family.”






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