June 2003

“I kind of lost touch with 13 years of civilization’s evolution.”
– Václav Havel’s remark after leaving the presidential office where he spent 13 years.

“Expressed as a percentage, this is a higher criminality level than that in the Romany population.”
– stated secretary of the Czech bar association, Jiří Klouza. Since 1999 the number of attorneys prosecuted hasincreased almost 20 times.

“I’m going to vote for our entry into the EU, in spite of the completely stupid pro-EU campaign. Compared to it, advertisements for detergent are real works of art.”
– former Czech prime minister Miloš Zeman, referring to the EU referendum campaign.

“I definitely voted the right way.”
– President Václav Klaus’ answer to the question whether he voted for or against Czech EU accession in the referendum.






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