Form & function

Even without heavy investments, one can create a unique work environment. According to Pavel Kuklík, owner of Kuklík, a company that specializes in PR and communication, furniture has to be flexible to suit changing needs. Here the simple furniture in combination with wood floors and white walls creates a feeling of airy space and helps to distinguish the artwork.

“The Ikea chairs in orange – our company color – goes well with my favorite glass conference table of Italian design which I bought ten years ago. The poster ‘Dinner for two’ is by Míla Preslová.”

“I like the noble shape of the British-made art nouveau pot. The table is a replica of original design from the 1930s.”

“This double poster called ‘Two to two’ is also by Míla Preslová. If you were to take one of the photos away, the art loses its load.”

“My two desks are the only tailor-made pieces of furniture. You don’t find such large ones in shops, and I need to have enough space to monitor at the optimal distance from my eyes. I have also two computers – the Mac is suitable for graphics – our means of income – and the PC is for electronic communication.”

“We spent lot of time and money choosing the chairs (supplied by Arris). To avoid common spine ailments, we wanted chairs to fulfil certain ergonomic demands. The painting is also by contemporary artist Jiří Matějů.”

“The tea set is from Ladislav Sutnar, a leading designer of the First Republic. Glasses on the top shelf are from Bořek Šípek and Moser which remained after an advertising campaign for Plzeňský Prazdroj.”

“The meeting room in company colors matches the painting from Martin Segurt. It is not common to hang original arts in offices, but abroad it is – first it is a matter of prestige, second it is a good investment and third companies support the artists.”

“I call this still life ‘Ikea corner’. The function of the furniture corresponds to its value, which suits us. But the painting by Jiří Matějů is of course original.”






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