Style beyond time

Jan Lexa & Alena Lexová

The enlightened activities of the husband-and-wife architect team of Alena and Jan Lexa has, over the course of a decade, become Fast, ranking among the very best furniture designers in Europe.

IN 1990, when the thirst for less traditional interiors was on the rise, these fresh young graduates of the Czech Institute of Technology struck out on their own, and had the good luck to meet a similarly enlightened manufacturer, Josef Faltýnek, who was willing to experiment and set quality as a benchmark. The Lexas created a limited collection of furniture, then gradually increased their focus on designing customized interiors. “We were trying to make furniture simple, functional, and mainly something we could manage to produce,” Alena explains. As time passed they forged their own unmistakable hallmark: high quality veneered and solid-wood furniture that incorporates metal parts and reflects European trends. “Our furniture is highly adapted to its function, so it’s easy to live with. We don’t tend to go to extremes, and we’re not trying to set off any trends, even though there are a few exceptions,” explains Jan.
Timeless designs account for the lion’s share of their production – furniture that looks good under varying circumstances, in confrontation with the modern environment and historical style. “We enjoy a certain playfulness and quick wit that lies unobtrusive, which makes it all the more surprising. For example, I’m picturing a chiffonier with hidden drawers, or an extendable conference table that easily converts into a dining table,” Alena says.
Some advantages of limited-collection production are great flexibility and adaptability to customer demands. “Furthermore, limited collection production allows us to include specific details and focus on the look,” Jan adds. The Fast brand has earned several awards for “good” and “outstanding” design from the Czech Republic Design Center, along with several journalism prizes on the occasion of the Art&Interior exhibitions.

Anta library

Cris-cros table

Citadela library

Fly furniture set


aroma ritual

What do memories smell like? Perhaps a loving harmony, pure joy, or heart-felt friendship. Mix up your own elixir, the unique aroma of your home.

Scented candle, pebbles, and incense from the Ce`dre collection, CZK 1,150, 895, and 840.

Incense, sachets, scented candle, and Ambre Indian room freshener, CZK 245, 690, 730, and 950.
                                                                                                                                          Aromatic sachet and Teck & Tonka incense, CZK 690 and 245.
Sachets, atomizer, and incense with stand from the Blanc Purple collection, CZK 490, 950, and 840.

Esteban Apartment Scents: Le Patio, Národní 22 and Pařížská 31, Praha 1


shop of the month

Buying angles: Enjoy a little knick-knack from the age of Czech Cubism. The Kubista store offers not only unique applied-arts originals from this ever-more-popular trend, but also their authorized, hand-made reproductions. Household accessories from Pavel Janák, Vlastislav Hofman, and Jiří Kroha are supplemented by furniture, lighting, and jewelry, as well as paintings by Alois Wachsman.

Dům U černé Matky Boží, Ovocný trh 19, Praha 1






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