September 2003

“It is sad and tragic that the historic victimization of the most capable individuals in the Czech nation still continues.”
– the reaction of Viktor Kožený, who, after years of preparation is now charged with an eleven-billion-crown fraud.

“The situation described in the media is probably related to the circumstances of two years ago, when Mr. Papež was in the process of a divorce and was in a poor mental condition.”
– Minister of Labor Zdeněk Škromach’s comment, as published by Blesk daily, that Vladimír Papež, the ČSSD’s candidate for Minister of Justice, frequented brothels in his hometown and owed money in several restaurants.

“When a travel agency faces bankruptcy at the end of July, when cash flow is typically high, it can be hardly understood.”
– Václav Fischer’s statement in 1997. This year he faced identical problems at about the same time, as some of his companies were in financial dire straits.

“What really tortures him is when somebody misinterprets his comments and statements. It torments him when journalists outclass the news by publishing some kind of commentary.”
– Press secretary Petr Hájek describing one of President Václav Klaus’ biggest grievances.






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