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Dagmar Burešová: Life-long optimist

Written by: Monika Mudranincová Born under the sign of the scales of justice, she has devoted her entire life to the law. This defender of dissidents, post-November minister of justice, and chairwoman of the Czech National Council hasn’t slacked off in her retirement. She still practices law, and takes part in the Czech-German Fund for…

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Written by: Monika Mudranincová PEOPLE UP Photo: L. Rudinská Radim Passer The head of Passerinvest received 1st prize for his project BB Centrum in the fourth annual “The best of realty” contest, in the category administration space. The complex consists of 60,000 m2 of office space, 35 flats and more than 1,000 parking places. Photo:…

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Written by: Anita Lišková škoda auto ECONOMY: Czech companies suffering from excessively rapid wage growth In addition to a strong crown and weakening demand for goods, Czech companies must also now deal with record wage increases. In the third quarter of 2002, the average monthly gross paycheck rose 7.4% year-on-year to CZK 15,442. With strikingly…

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The best of me

Written by: Philippe Riboton SOME PEOPLE introduce themselves by their title – Ing., JUDr. or MUDr., for example. It shows they have reached a certain level of education that should merit respect in society. Others prefer to associate themselves with their family heritage, such as Count, Sir and so forth. This proves that they come…

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