Flat is beautiful
Plasma technology is the definitive wave in television technology, and Panasonic has it. The TH-42PA20E is a 106 cm diagonal flat-screen plasma set that’s less than 10.2 cm deep, and offers a razor-sharp picture (850 x 840 lines resolution) and the highest contrast ratio in the industry (3000:1). The EDTV design makes it compatible with progressive-scan DVD, and it includes a built-in 181-channel tuner and speakers. In high-end hi-fi stores now for CZK 199,995.

Voices in your pocket
Matsushita has released a new pocket-sized voice recorder, the RR-US006, capable of 420 minutes of recording time. Aiming to replace antiquated pens and notepads the world over, Matsushita has given its new toy USB ports for uploading audio files to PCs, as well as a tie pin microphone for hands-free operation. Available now for a retail price of CZK 8,995.
Rugged shooter
The new Canon Digital IXUS 400 is an ultra-compact, easy-to-operate digital camera, boasting 4.0 megapixel CCD, (approx.) 11x zoom, and a super hard Cerabrite steel finish. Photos and movie clips (with sounds) are created via computer-accurate focusing, exposure and white balance. For instant prints, no PC is required – just connect the IXUS 400 to a printer, select your image and print. Yours for CZK 24,500 (including VAT).






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