Modern functionality

One theme resonates through the interior and exterior design of Philips headquarters in Prague 5, which was built in 1999 – modern functionality. Interiors, including walls, are flexible, so it is possible to change the space to separate or larger offices as needed. According to general director Ruud Jona, people should immediately have the feeling they’ve entered a hi-tech company.

“My office is comfortable, yet representative of our values. ‘Operational’ technology – such as the VCR-TV combi, PDA, plasma TV, phones, computer, remote control lighting system, etc. – these are my every day workhorses. Logically, my office is a good example how professional lighting design can improve the quality of working conditions.”

“The sofa and the armchair are a replica of ‘Grand Comfort’ originally designed by Le Corbusier from 1929. I think it is necessary to have a comfortable place in the office when discussions do not require a formal setting.”

“Part of my office space was also designed for exhibiting a selection of Philips products. Historical Philips products and brand new ones sit alongside each other, some of them winners of international design awards.”

“We offer the staff a small garden and pond to use for lunch or a break.”

“Our cafeteria was designed by architect Václav Hodan, and realized by Ranný Architects. Philips is a company with a human face and the idea was to make our employees feel good and comfortable. Colors, furniture, even the dishware were customized to create a congenial atmosphere.”

“A special detail is the foundation stone with an inserted cd-rom, carrying a complete design draft of the building. Naturally, we integrate our own wide range of products into the building.”

“Architect Václav Hodan designed the reception and showroom area and Ranný Architects implemented it. The requirements were elegance on one side and functionality and professionalism on the other. He also designed the multifunctional lighting system in the showroom.”






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