September 2003

“I’ve never been a monster. I’ve never been in the position of either Klaus or Zeman, so I couldn’t demonstrate all of my negative aspects. I’m leaving to meet bright new tomorrows.”
– US senator Jan Ruml on his departure from the political scene.

“The only thing I consider really dangerous is how the arbitration with Lauder could be manipulated.”
– Vladimír Železný speaking out against manipulating facts, while he is facing the parliamentary investigative committee.

“Let Špidla have a demonstration to support his economic reforms. I am convinced there will be desolation and emptiness.”
– Union boss Milan Štěch.

“The Karlovy Vary region is indeed an interesting area for the intelligence service. But that is the end of my statement.”
– BIS director Jiří Lang answering the question of what he knows about Karlovy Vary’s reputation as a region known for money laundering.

“I feel isolated in my governmental flat.”
– replied Minister of Culture Pavel Dostál to inquiries why he is moving into the lodging house for members of Parliament on Nerudova street, Prague 1.






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