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Located in Vinohrady, Americká Park is a new development, consisting of three apartment blocks and one extended-stay hotel, on a 8,000 m2 site.

ORCO PROPERTY GROUP, which builds luxury hotels and residential developments, has long seen the site as an opportunity to add to its notable range of exclusive properties in Prague. Original designs that blend with the locality, high-quality finishes and the attention paid to the landscaping make this project very special. The complex was completed in early October.

Contrast is a key motif, as shown by the mix of materials on the south facade of building 2. Some facades feature a stepped effect inspired by classical buildings; others are clad with wood.

In all the buildings natural materials, such as limestone, are a key aspect of the design. The wooden cladding, here seen on the hotel, is designed to be weather-resistant.

The bathrooms and kitchens echo the overall theme of elegant contrast seen in all the other rooms as well as on the exterior.

Building 4 lies at the foot of a steeply sloping site. Greenery is an integral feature of the project, and the landscaping was inspired by photographs of lost Prague gardens by the famous photographer Josef Sudek.

The interiors show an emphasis on space and light, with lots of glass. Like the facades, the interiors are a striking mix of light and dark. The overall effect is very dignified, and the rooms are modern yet classical.

from the outside
Martin Cullen
Director of Property Management Orco Property Group.

Why has Orco adopted a very “hands-on” role in the overall design of this project?
“Although we work with experienced designers on different projects, the direction comes ultimately from our own team, because Orco wants to ensure that each project is original and corresponds to the specific location. Americká Park more than any other Vinohrady project demands a unique design that incorporates the exceptional nature of the area and the corresponding light and space. The high ceilings, large windows and terraces all reflect this.”

from the INside
Petr Suske
architect, S.E.A. Architects

The designs reflect a number of ideas. Which inspired you in particular?
“Vinohrady was built in blocks of buildings. Towards the original gardens and vineyards the original blocks became less rigid, gradually turning into a villa quarter. The villas had two clear models: the first is the British ‘cottage’. The second and more important is the ‘Palladian’ villa. This also served as the archetype for our architecture – but taking advantage of all the conveniences of modern architecture, and with a view to the needs of contemporary lifestyles.”






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